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The Debut Album

A Symphony Carved in Stone

Released in 2019, Avarayr's debut album, A Symphony Carved in Stone, is a hallmark of the Armenian black metal scene.

Recorded by 10 musicians spread across the world, the release features 10 tracks along with a bonus track, all of which showcase the band's dynamic range when it comes to mixing black metal, traditional Armenian and Persian folk music, as well as a myriad other genres.

The lyrical themes of ASCIS are centered around Armenian paganism, mythology, as well as the Armenian highlands which inspired the music of the album. The listener is taken to the world of mountains, valleys, forgotten gods, legends, and wisdom which have been lost to the modern world.

The band is set to follow up the full length with their next magnum opus, "Mehyan," to be released in 2023.


The First Release

2014 EP

The gritty self-titled EP released in 2014 marked the world's first introduction to Avarayr. The songs were recorded over a period of one week in founder Narek's bedroom in Tehran, Iran and showcase the overall mood and direction of the band which the band would fine-tune later on their full-length album.

While the album suffers in quality compared to A Symphony Carved in Stone, it includes songs such as The Procession and To Motherland From Foreign Shores, both of which are staples of the band's live performances.





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